Creator Debates
September 2023
Debated the brilliant Jay Acunzo about whether creators should use AI.

That’s Absurd, Please Elaborate
August 2023
I explained why we can’t just put all music in C major (and asked what would happen if babies were born with adult-sized hands and feet).

Creating the Greatest Show
August 2023
Talked about how to create a compelling narrative podcast.

In Plain English
June 2023
Contributed layperson commentary to a discussion about a new dinosaur discovery.

Leighton Night with Brian Wecht
April 2022
A cult-favorite chat show where I talked about anything and everything with hosts Leighton Gray and Brian Wecht.

Just the Zoo of Us podcast
December 2021
Dished about the weirdness of the Northern Giraffe with host Ellen Weatherford

SciComm Nerd Happy Hour
March 2020
Talked about science and COVID-19 with Trace Dominguez and Kishore Hari and guests Phil Plait and Adam Becker

Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast
March 2020
Explained the science of “backmasking” and why we hear hidden messages that aren’t really there (appearance starts at 18:55)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA ・ February 2020
Interviewed journalist and author Maryn McKenna and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett for live episodes of the Curiosity Daily podcast

Specific Gravity: Life, the Universe and Music
Chicago, IL ・ February 2020
Spoke about black holes, gravitational lensing, redshift, and other aspects of the universe for a science-themed music concert

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Las Vegas, NV ・ January 2020
Moderated panels on smart cities, quantum computing, display technology, and neuromorphic computing for materials company EMD

Clear + Vivid with Alan Alda
New York City, NY・October 2019
Interviewed by TV legend and science communication expert Alan Alda on his Clear + Vivid podcast, which also aired two special episodes of Curiosity Daily during their winter break

New York Comic Con
New York City, NY・October 2019
Explored the science of superheroes with anthropologist Natalia Reagan and physicist James Kakalios
See the video

Chicago Journalists Association Women in Media Event
Chicago, IL ・ April 2019
Panel discussion with ProPublica reporter Melissa Sanchez and Chicago Tribune reporter Lolly Bowean

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)
Chicago, IL ・ March 2019
Explored the science of superheroes with anthropologist Natalia Reagan
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American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.・ February 2019
Interviewed science writer Carl Zimmer and psychology professor Dr. Susan Goldin-Meadow with Cody Gough for live episodes of the Curiosity Daily podcast

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Las Vegas, NV ・ January 2019
Interviewed experts on displays, processors, and computing live for materials company EMD
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Chicago Podcast Festival 
Chicago, IL ・ October 2017
Recorded a live long-form episode of the Curiosity Podcast with comedian Lilly Allison
Hear the episode